Capital Markets

We support you in extraordinary financial operations such as such as merger and acquisition, assignment, splitting and spin-off, exchanges of stocks and shares. A proper team will provide advisory on the path to the listing (Initial Public Offer) which involves supervisory and coordination of all pre-listing activities such as feasibility study, liaising with various counterparts such as the exchange, the listing sponsors, Nomad (in case of AIM UK or AIM Italy), lawyers, accountants, auditors, banks and investors.
We basically manage:

Portfolio Management on debt restructuring for the enterprise needs in terms of development (Minibond, Convertible, Straight Bond). Define the main debt features: total amount, interest rate, tenor, possibility of early repayment (callabiliy), choosing between bullet or amortising, offering period, covenants or guarantees and ratings.

Assessment of financial sustainability of the debt according to the the enterprise liabilities and cash flows.
ALLX Group comprises senior professionals who have gathered significant experience in the capital markets over the years. Our expertise allows entrepreneurs to maximise their firm potential and to express their value. We also help to raise funding either via issuing Debt or through the issuance of Equity.